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Day 4/365: Year of Trump, year of kippah, year of empathy

Today’s writing well exceeded my 500-word daily minimum. It is a follow-up to my most read story of 2016: Wearing a kippah for solidarity and visibility. But it is also for work, to be published in our Jan. 12 issue, which will include several pieces reflecting on the Year of Trump. When the story goes up on our site, I will post a link here (and possibly a longer version of it).

That’s all for today.

Day 3/365: David learns about astrology

I promise I did actually write this on 1/3. But then I wanted to check with my friend about whether it’s OK to quote her directly. And she said it is, so here’s what I wrote yesterday.


A Facebook friend (we haven’t met in real life), posted the other day a call for people’s astrological signs, saying she wanted to do some readings.

I don’t know why I commented (yes, I do; she’s a joyful, supportive person, and I am becoming more open to taking certain things seriously on their own terms), but I did: “Pisces, 3/3/89.” What time of day, she wanted to know. 7pm. And where. Austin.

She did not respond, so I pestered her in a message this morning. We ended up on Facebook messenger for a good chunk of the morning. She’s new to astrology, she told me. Since earlier this year, she has been opening herself up to spiritual systems she hadn’t messed with before.

She told me her measure is: “Does it improve my life, and the lives of people around me, if i engage with this? In which case, who cares how or why it works?”

So far, tarot and astrology work. Crystals do not. (I figured.)

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Day 2/365: Why you should shut up and watch Rebels

I wrote this in one shot with almost no editing or proofreading. Let me know if you find typos. Enjoy.


In lieu of any kind of substance today… a listicle! Five reasons you should shut up about the mystery of Snoke or whatever stupid Star Wars shit you’re on about, and watch Star Wars: Rebels instead.

Rebels is an animated series, currently airing its fourth and final season on Disney XD, set in the earliest days of the rebellion, five years before Rogue One. It follows the crew of Ghost, a tiny rebel cell all alone in their local fight against the Empire. As the show goes on, they join a larger rebel group, and finally the full Rebel Alliance when it starts to come together on Yavin.

It’s the best thing in Star Wars right now. It’s better than most of the movies. Here’s why.

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Day 1/365: Hope, resistance & pop heroes in 2017 and beyond

This is Day 1 of my thing where I’m going to write every day of 2018. Supposedly.


During our New Year’s Eve phone call, my dad and I were talking about The Last Jedi, and he switched gears a little to remind me that Star Trek: Discovery returns (baruch hashem) on Sunday. This has me in a slight panic. And it has me reflecting on the light and hope that my favorite pop culture heroes have sown for us in 2017 — and what new acts of resistance 2018 may hold in store for them and for us.

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Day 0: This blog has been wiped clean

For reasons beyond ken, I’ve been allowing 10 years of blog posts (going back to when I was 17, so… scary stuff) to sit around here for just anyone to see. I have wiped it all clean this morning, resetting all of them to draft so that only I can see them. It’s not all bad; perhaps someday, I’ll go through that back catalog and figure out what’s worth saving.

Why have I done this? Because, starting tomorrow, I’m going to write every day of 2018. As a working journalist, I don’t actually do a ton of writing; my duties are largely in editing and running our website.¬†Despite having been a writer my entire adult life, I have never managed that kind of output.

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