David’s Work

Regular gigs

When he was the Editor in Chief of New Voices Magazine, David posted on the New Voices blog and co-wrote the New Voices editorials.

David is a(n inactive) contributor to Jewschool.


Just File Your Forms, Mort!” – The Forward, 9/14/12

Whither Occupy Judaism?” – The Forward, 8/23/12

Op-Ed: Title VI should be used only on true hatemongers, not political opponents” – JTA, 4/19/12

What Would You Call Me? Patrilineal Jew Laments Need for ‘Conversion’” – The Forward, 4/20/12

Inspirational Yom Kippur at Occupy Wall Street” – The Forward, 10/10/11

Children of 9/11 Look Back” – edited by David for The Forward, 9/6/11


Shabbat Meals: My Catholic Dinner” – The Forward, 8/8/12

Q&A: Harvey Pekar Publisher Josh Frankel” – The Forward, 5/1/12

Tav HaYosher Celebrates 100th Certified Restaurant” – The Forward, 3/21/12