About David

jew in the pewDavid A.M. Wilensky is the Online Editor of J. The Jewish News of Northern California. “Jew in The Pew,” David’s column on ritual and spiritual life in the San Francisco Bay Area, appears in J. monthly-ish. He is the former Executive Director of the Jewish Student Press Service/Editor in Chief of New Voices Magazine (2011-2013). David studied Religion and Jewish Studies at Drew University, where he was the Editor in Chief of the student newspaper, The Acorn.

David’s work has been published by the Forward, Gothamist, JTA, Times of Israel and others. His writing has been called “amateurish” by Mort Klein — and much nicer things by more discerning readers.

David has also worked for Limmud NY and Big Tent Judaism.

This blog is the latest in a series of blogs that goes back to the summer of  2006, when David was 17 and preparing to spend a semester in Israel. For better of for worse, here you can read all manner of ill-advised, poorly written things he has written since then. It’s all here; he’s never deleted a post.