About David (and what he can do for you)

corn dog bday happy town sonic adventure goDavid A.M. Wilensky is a freelance writer, editor and so-called “Millennial.” The former Executive Director of the Jewish Student Press Service/Editor in Chief of New Voices Magazine (2011-2013), David has extensive experience in Jewish communal nonprofits and Jewish journalism. He studied Religion and Jewish Studies at Drew University (B.A., May 2011), where he was the Editor in Chief of the student newspaper, The Acorn.

David’s work has been published by the Forward, Gothamist, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and others. David’s writing has been called “amateurish” by Mort Klein, other terrible things by certain other people — and much nicer things by much more discerning people.

He spends at least as much time on freelance copyediting, proofreading, etc. as he does on freelance writing. David has also worked for Limmud NY and Big Tent Judaism/Jewish Outreach Institute.

This blog is the latest in a (mostly) unbroken chain of personal blogs and blogging that goes back to the summer of  2006, when David was 17 and preparing to spend a semester in Israel.

David’s services:

  • Copy editing (editing for mechanics, grammar and spelling)
  • Proofreading
  • Editing for content
  • Editing for style
    • AP style — David’s specialty
    • Assorted academic styles — MLA, APA, etc.
    • Adaptable to any internal style guide used by your organization/publication/etc.
  • Research assistance
  • Newsletters and e-blasts (editing and formatting)

David is great with academic papers, especially English-language material written by native speakers of other languages.

David can edit just about anything:

  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Columns and op-eds
  • Articles journalistic, academic or otherwise
  • Books
  • Essays
  • Corporate/organizational copy

He has a broad range of knowledge on many Jewish subjects:

  • Jewish history — global and American
  • Jewish religion and culture — historical and contemporary
    • Text study — particularly biblical
    • Liturgy and ritual — history, practice and content
    • Reform Judaism — history, practice and contemporary community
    • Jewish denominationalism
  • American Jewish community
    • Communal politics and inside baseball
    • Millennials
    • Jewish life on college campuses — Hillel, Open Hillel, SJP, J Street U, Apartheid Week, Jewish student movement of the 1970s
    • Havurah movement — history and contemporary torchbearers
    • Independent minyan scene
    • Nonprofits and philanthropy
  • Jewish demographics and identity politics
    • Patrilineal descent
    • Conversion
    • Intermarriage and programs for intermarried families
    • Jewish communal diversity — racial, geographic, LGBTQ, etc.
    • Jewish feminism

And he even knows a thing or two about more general subject areas:

  • Religion
  • Pop culture — particularly of the intellectuals-who-listen-to-This-American-Life variety
    • Television — classics and contemporary hits
    • Graphic novels, comic books and comic book movies
  • Science fiction
    • Literary, cinematic and television
    • History of the genre
    • Fandom and related phenomena
    • Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica — David’s specialties
  • Journalism and new/online media
  • Anthropology and archaeology
  • Anything else you’d expect someone who listens to 12 hours of NPR every day to know about

If you live in South Orange, NJ and environs, David will also walk your dog.