About David and This Blog

David is a writer and editor. He did those things professionally for a while, and he could have kept doing them professionally for a while longer. He is taking a break from doing those things professionally, in the hopes that writing will be fun again if it is not a full-time job. So he has allowed life to take a bit of a turn: He is currently a Program Associate at the Jewish Outreach Institute.

His freelance writing has appeared in a variety of publications (more on that over here). This blog is the latest in a (mostly) unbroken chain of personal blogs and blogging that goes back to the summer of  2006, when David was 17 and preparing to spend a semester in Israel. David has also been a contributor at Jewschool for several years, including a brief stint on the Jewschool editorial board.

His various alternate fantasy lives include a world in which he has figured out how to make writing this blog and eating snacks all day into a career; a world in which he is the creator of a hit television show that has become an object of adulation for an entire fandom of hip tastemakers; and in one world he is the unlikely hero of a space opera.

Check out some of David’s work over here, contact him over this way or just go read the blog.