Jan. 14-16, I fulfilled my quota working on a piece that has now been published.  Here’s a bit of it:

When Martin Luther King Jr. Day was first observed in 1986, there was resistance and uproar from the KKK and other assorted racists. As a spiritual counter to that bigotry, two San Francisco spiritual leaders — Rev. Amos Brown of Third Baptist Church and Rabbi Robert Kirschner, then of Congregation Emanu-El — hatched a plan: a pulpit swap.

That year, and every year since, Third Baptist and Emanu-El have marked MLK weekend with a two-part event. On Friday night, Brown delivers a sermon at Emanu-El, and Sunday morning, a rabbi from Emanu-El delivers the sermon at Third Baptist.

So it was this past weekend at the 31st annual observance of this beautiful tradition.

You can read the rest over here.