I promise I did actually write this on 1/3. But then I wanted to check with my friend about whether it’s OK to quote her directly. And she said it is, so here’s what I wrote yesterday.


A Facebook friend (we haven’t met in real life), posted the other day a call for people’s astrological signs, saying she wanted to do some readings.

I don’t know why I commented (yes, I do; she’s a joyful, supportive person, and I am becoming more open to taking certain things seriously on their own terms), but I did: “Pisces, 3/3/89.” What time of day, she wanted to know. 7pm. And where. Austin.

She did not respond, so I pestered her in a message this morning. We ended up on Facebook messenger for a good chunk of the morning. She’s new to astrology, she told me. Since earlier this year, she has been opening herself up to spiritual systems she hadn’t messed with before.

She told me her measure is: “Does it improve my life, and the lives of people around me, if i engage with this? In which case, who cares how or why it works?”

So far, tarot and astrology work. Crystals do not. (I figured.)


We talked about a ton of shit. I learned (a little) about planets and houses and stellia (mine is complicated, apparently). I absorbed some of it. I’m always interested in religious systems, cosmologies and frames for looking at the self.

(Alright, “always” is a stretch. But lately. More and more. Over the last couple of years, the way I look at religion and the way people find meaning in the world has changed, opened up. I used to be hostile toward doing something ritual before understanding it. I’m still a little hostile, but not as much. Hence, I suppose, my sudden willingness to listen to an astrological reading and ask questions and try to take it seriously.)

I learned that my sun is in pisces — “That’s dreamy, romantic, emotional, open-minded, sensitive, empathetic, kind of a space cadet.” So far, all true. This is from the very beginning of the conversation. Suddenly, we’ve got my sign, the sun and, now, she’s about to bring in the houses. There are more levels of filtering an combining going on than I’d anticipated.

Ok so my sun is in pisces in the sixth house. (I’m certain I’m phrasing all of this terribly.) “The house of daily work, service, caretaking — so that’s where those things [the sun in pisces things] are expressed.” I wasn’t too sure what that meant.

She elaborated: “I’d guess your bedroom is a mess and you hate laundry and dishes.” 1000% true. This is because the space cadet-ness of sun in pisces is in the sixth house, which means that the space cadet-ness is expressed in daily work. Right?

Anyway, we went on like this for quite a while. I learned about all my planets and what houses they’re in and the three planets in my stellium and my whole internal cosmos got read through the bodies of the cosmos.

The business about Saturn’s return gave me A LOT to think about. But that is for another day. I’ve hit 500 words for the day, so I’m going to bed.