My latest (Gothamist): ‘Ira Glass Tries His Hand At Improv Comedy’


I went to see Ira Glass do improv comedy. I wrote about it for Gothamist. It begins thusly:

Ira Glass has been taking an intro to improv comedy course. It sounds like a pitch for an episode of “This American Life,” but last night Glass and his Level One: The Principles of Improv classmates took to the stage at the Magnet Theater’s studio training space for their class performance.

Apparently, improv has been on his mind for a little while. Back in September, he told The New Yorker’s Sarah Larson: “I’m thinking of moving on to improv comedy” and “I’ve never said these words out loud. It’s been a secret thought for like a month and a half.”

You can read the whole thing over here.

There used to be a few videos of it too, but there were some complaints, and my editors opted to take the videos back down. So now the videos are just mine to hold and cherish forever and ever *evil laugh* …

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