In memory of manned American spacecraft: How Apollo 11 changed Kiddush Levana

There was a terrific post at JTA’s Archive Blog yesterday summing up JTA’s coverage of Apollo 11-related news from 1969. It’s all fascinating stuff, but the article that caught my eye was this:

Prayer on Advent of New Moon is Altered to Take into Account Apollo 11 Achievement


The word came from Israel where Gen. Shlomo Goren, the Armed Forces’ Chief Chaplain, issued instructions about a change in the prayer for the blessing of the new moon which is said each month. The old blessing was worded: “As I dance before you and cannot touch you, so my enemies will not be able to touch me.” It now reads: “As I dance against you and do not touch you, so others, if they dance against me to harm me, they will not touch me.” The new version of the prayer is actually an old one found in the Talmud in Masechet Soffrim, chapter 20.


The entire article is just tremendous and I recommend reading the whole thing. The complete post from JTA’s Archive Blog is here.

And, yes, I will be looking through a few siddurim to see if I can find any examples later.

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