A Week of Things I Like, Day 4-ish: Page-Proofing at The Forward

OK I did it again and missed a day, but I promise there will be one post for each day of A Week of Things I Like, if not one on each day of it.

I work for New Voices now and our office is now a cubicle inside the office of The Jewish Daily Forward. Which is a thing I like unto itself, I suppose. But the point of this post is that the thing I already miss about working on a publication that has no print edition is print layout and design and proofing pages.

So it brought a little joy into my heart while the staff of The Forward was proofing page 1 of tomorrow’s print edition of The Forward. First of all, the whole is a step up in print quality from my days of proofing pages at The Acorn. At The Acorn, we just print them out on black and white laser printers. But here, color pages are printed out in color on nice glossy sheets of of paper.

Then the art director–they have one of those–passes copies of it out to pretty much everybody. For a second, he mistook me for an intern and tried to give me a copy. For a second, I really wanted to take one and look over it.

Everybody then looks it over. (I overheard someone explaining what to look for to one of the interns, which I also liked.) As far as I can tell, the next thing that happens is that when Jane Eisner, the editor of The Forward, is ready, she sits down at a computer in the art department’s cubicle area and people come up one at a time and show her their corrections.

I just stood and watched this all happen for a little while. I liked it.

BTW–I also really like the print design of The Forward and I also really like their new website.

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