Why today is my birthday (katan)

I was born on Adar 27, 5749. This date coincided with March 3, 1989 on the Gregorian calendar. For most of my life, I celebrated my birthday on March 3, the Gregorian anniversary of the date it fell on in 1989.

The last few years, I’ve celebrated on Adar 27 instead. (Last year was weird though because it was my 21st birthday, so….)

This year posed a problem. It’s a Jewish leap year, so there are two months Adar this year. Adar Bet, the second of the two, is considered the real one. That’s why we’ll celebrate Purim on Adar Bet rather than Adar Alef. So my birthday would ordinarily still be quite far away.

But, we do have the custom of Purim Katan, or Small Purim, which is a minor holiday celebration in Adar Alef.

Today just happens to be Adar (Alef) 27, so it’s my Birthday Katan.

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3 Responses to Why today is my birthday (katan)

  1. Jacob T March 3, 2011 at 10:48 am #

    Then happy tiny birthday to you.

  2. Ariann March 6, 2011 at 11:06 am #

    I just learned a few days ago that Adar Alef is actually considered the real Adar (such as for purposes of yahrzeits) and Purim was moved from the “real” Adar to Adar Bet in order to be closer to Pesach. But I still heartily support celebrating two birthdays.