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I’ve been busy. Last weekend, I was in Philadelphia for LimmudPhilly. The weekend before that, I was in Washington for the J Street Conference. While in DC, I made two visits to services that will soon be reviewed here. For now, you’ll have to content yourselves with the LimmudPhilly posts:

Liturgical oops, part IIn which the Reconstructionists screw everything up

Liturgical oops, part II: “Birkat ha-moo-zon”In which we discover a very funny typo

In which a Sephardic Rabbi answers a bunch of questions

Shabbat morning at BZBI with a weird-ass singing kids Musaf thingIn which I get away with leaving my head uncovered in a Conservative shul and then a bunch of kids sing Avot and we’re all like, “Wait, is this Musaf?”

“Hey, Nakedhead!” guy strikes again

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