Album of new nigunim, new Sway Machinery album

Equal parts frontman and chazzan, Jeremiah Lockwood fascinates me. He spent the last year as Artist in Residence at The Forward, creating new nigunim through collaborations with other musicians. It’s cool stuff. An album collecting all of that just came out. I’ll have a review of it here soon.

Lockwood’s band, The Sway Machinery, also has a new album out soon, “The House of Friendly Ghosts, Vol. 1.” He sent me a press download of it and I’m listening to it now and it’s at least as banging as their first album, which had such a particular liturgical quality to it that I listened to it almost exclusively during the RH/YK season last year. The new one has a much more tribal quality to it as well. You can listen to a track from it here.

I’ll be doing a full review of it at New Voices in February after a music video from the album comes out.

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