Southern Hemisphere Mishkan T’filah

Commenter Chajm confirmed that there was a mention of a special souther hemisphere MT in the recent issue of Reform Judaism Magazine. So I had a good idea. I googled it.

Here’s a South African order form for it and an article on an Austrialian page about it.

The idea is apparently that it will be seasonally adapted to the southern hemisphere’s seasons for use in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. I suppose this means they’re creating an entire edition of MT with changes in Gevurot and Shanim, but I’m curious to know what changes. Does this mean the seasonal connection to Israel is leaving this siddur? As it is, the seasonal variations don’t match up particularly well in many places. Part, but only part, of the point of these seasonal variations is that they match up quite well with the seasons in Israel. I think we’ve discussed ways to do this for the southern hemisphere on this in the comments at some point, but I can’t for the life of me remember where.

And now I’m reading something that says it will have all the relevant national anthems.

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