Chanukah VI (again) – B’nai Jeshurun is nice(r than I said last night)

So I took big blog dump on BJ last night. I went back this morning and have absolutely no complaints about the service. Everyone go back to ignoring me.

Chazan Ari Priven, the music director at BJ was in fine, fine form this morning. In addition to Mi Chamocha to the tune of Ma’oz Tzur (as they did last night), halel (it’s Rosh Chodesh too, everyone) was done in a sort of Chanukah nusach, which everything form Ma’oz Tzur to One for Each Night making an appearance.

But Priven’s greatest achievment of the morning was Adon Olam. After we began slow, once through with “Adon olam…” followed by the first verse, he leapt up form his piano and started in with “Uno kandelikas, dos kandelikas, tres kandelikas… ocho kandelas para mi” Then he goes back to another verse of Adon Olam, more Ocho Kandelikas, more Adon Olam, and then he switched gears entirely, singing the rest of Adon Olam to the tune of Ma’oz Tzur. When he got done with Adon-Olam-as-Ma’oz-Tzur-ing, he goes off into some fantastic upbeat melody for Ma’oz Tzur that I’ve never even heard before!

Shabat shalom, happy chodesh, and chappy Chanukah, once again.

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