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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the next Jewblog to add to your list of rss feeds. Look no further for your next one; here comes Sefer Ha-Bloggadah. I’ll explain.

Beginning at the National Havurah Committee Summer Institute on August 16th, a group of people across the world will begin their daf yomi-style study of Sefer Ha-Aggadah. To quote Ben Dreyfus, our fearless leader in this quasi-daunting venture, “Sefer Ha-Aggadah (The Book of Legends), the collection of thousands of stories from the Talmud and rabbinic literature compiled by the Hebrew poet Hayim Nachman Bialik and the editor/publisher Yehoshua Ravnitsky, was first published in 1908, and is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.” What better time to begin a two-year study of the work?

To facilitate this study and to tie the disparate members of this study group together, Ben has organized Sefer Ha-Bloggadah, a group blog where an article will appear daily exploring some element of the day’s selection from the book. Every other Friday, you’ll be able to read my thoughts on the day’s selection at that blog. I’ll also probably cross-post them here.

If you’d like to join us in the absurd voyage across the next two years, read Ben’s post at the bloggadah about how to get an English or a Hebrew edition of the sefer. The schedule for our study can be found at Google Docs here. Ben’s bacground write-up and explanation of the schedule is here.

Again, here’s Ben: “The Sefer Ha-Aggadah project will formally kick off on Shabbat afternoon, August 16 (Tu Be’Av), at the National Havurah Committee Summer Institute, and then the schedule begins on Monday, August 25.”

I am very excited about the people I’ll be blogging with. The group has some veteran bloggers, some just starting out, and some who’be never blogged before at all. Some are bloggers the I read and greatly respcet and I’m honored to be part of this team of bloggers.  Iyov has a list of them along with links to their blogs. I hope some of y’all can join us on this journey.

2 Responses to The Blog of Legends

  1. BZ July 23, 2008 at 9:24 am #

    Looking forward to it! But we should give credit to Iyov for the post about where to find the book.

  2. davidamwilensky July 23, 2008 at 2:51 pm #

    Too right you are!