Cherokee, Kurdish, Palestinian, Israeli, Basque, and Tibetan flags

Three thoughts, which are, to me, self-evident:
1. Zionism is the belief that it’s good for Jews to live in Israel as an independent nation.
2. I am a Zionist.
3. All people are of equal worth.

The first two of those thoughts obviously go together. The third one didn’t necessarily enter into the equation in my brain until relatively recently. If people are equal, it’s not hard to make the leap that the entities that people comprise are equal. Therefore, not only are people equal, but nations are equal. (When I say nation, by the way, I don’t mean state. Rather, I mean nationality. I mean Jews, Palestinians, Tibetans, Cherokees, Basques, Kurds, etc. in addition to the more self-evident nationalities who live in normal nation states such as the French.)

And just like that, I came to a slightly startling conclusion. I am what you might call a pan-nationalist. I believe that every group with a distinct national identity has the right to self-determination. That creates a messy world, and I don’t picture it ever really happening, but it’s an ideal of mine nonetheless.

Someday, I’ll write about Labor [blank]ism, another idea I’ve been thinking about here at Kutz.

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