25 and Half-way Day

So we’re half-way through the Omer today with day 25. I took a final yesterday and turned in a monstrous final paper at 9:00 last night. Then I did something perhaps less-than-wise: I went bowling, drank, watched most of Saved, scaled a building and hung out on its roof, almost got caught by campus security, hung out in a closed coffee house, and then went to bed at like 3 or 4. Today I packed and packed and packed and left school to spend a night at a friend’s house. Tomorrow night I fly home. Whew.

Point is, I’m tired and incapable of saying something intelligent in honor of Half-way Day. Instead, a little Jewish blogosphere roundup is in order:

Daniel Sieradski of the excellent blog Orthodox Anarchist brings us a totally compelling summary of a panel he attended recently that was apparently a microcosm of everything wrong with Jewish establishment leadership.

And Brooklyn’s senior Rabbi at Congregation Beth Elohim, Andy Bachman, whose blog, Ideas, is always compelling and articulate reading, brings us two interesting posts of late. The more recent of the two is his apt dissection of the ongoing crises being caused by the boundless lunacy of Israel’s Rabbinic courts. The older one, made all the more interesting by its still-ongoing comment thread, which you should all go weigh in on, is about the inherent conflict involved in the Reform idea of choosing when, where, and how to be commanded. Go read it.

Laila tov. I’m tired as hell. Here’s the Omer:

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