Ponder my stats!

According to WordPress’ built-in stats feature:

Today is one of my best days ever with 56 page views so far. My record-holding day had59 page views.

Last week was one of my two best weeks ever with 267 page views. Two weeks previous was the record-holding week with 294.

October was my best month so far with 1,160 views. This month is doing quite well for itself already with 184 views in just the first five days of the month so far.

The recent post titled Conflicted has 20 page views today alone, more than my average post.

My best referrers are people’s indivdual Google Reader feeds and the blogroll of David Singer’s blog on the FAR side.

People using Google to reach my blog are most often searching for a person (David Singer, Jesse Paikin, and Alan Nadler being the most common), the Yiddish idiom I write about here, or they are looking for “coke in lungs,” “frozen soda accident,” or something similar and are following Google to this post.

Thanks readers!

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