Interfaith Event Update

 This is a follow-up to this post. What follows is the assessment of Harold Wilensky, my Dad.

“The AAIM service at CBI was quite the thing. The place was packed. People sitting in all the aisles. People standing in the aisles. The chapel was full. People sitting in the Sanctuary foyer. Everyone was there. Even [CENSORED: THE NAME OF ONE OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS]–along with some girl who had multi-colored hair. You name the religion and they were there. Even a Yorba chieftain–evidently of west African origin. It was nice seeing Folberg and the imam sitting next to each other and each wishing the crowd salaam alikum and shalom aleichem. Folberg needs to work on his Arabic. Rabbi Freedman from Beth Shalom and a Protestant minister did what amounted to a stand-up act asking people to donate money to AAIM. AAIM gave CBI a sukkah. It was set up in Smith. It was not clear to me why they had a sukkah.

“All the TV stations were there as well.

“And we had a Board meeting that started late and ended early.”

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  1. Harold November 19, 2007 at 2:42 pm #

    The full story is at

    Note the headline for the article.