Day-Dayeinu! Day-Dayeinu! Day-Dayeinu! Dayeinu Dayeinu! Dayeinu! (v’gomer…)

This week, I wrote a mediocre paper, had an incredible misadventure at the bank, stressed out about various things and bought a printer that didn’t come with the USB cable is requires to be used properly. It was not the best of weeks. That being said, I am pleased to announce that I am having one the best Shabatot I can remember.

I led services for Hillel last night for the first time. Not only did I lead, but I was privileged to lead from the new service that I created for Hillel. Everyone seemed to like it. One fellow freshman, Matt, had never used a sidur with transliterations. He found for the first time that he was able to say the Hebrew along with his fellow pray-ers. That alone would have been enough to brighten my week. Dayeinu.

Also present at services were two members of and the Rabbi of Madison NJ’s only congregation, Chavurat Lamdeinu. They were lending us their Torah so that we could have a bit of Torah reading for Simchat Torah. The Rabbi rather liked my service as well and told me so. It would have been enough. Dayeinu.

So inspired by the presence of the chaverim from Chavurat Lamdeinu was I, that I decided to trek into town this morning to the Madison Masonic Lodge, home of CL. I arrived just in time for Torah study and stuck around for services. The crowd is mostly older, but their prayer style is loud, egalitarian, heavy in Hebrew and thoroughly fulfilling. They pray at the top of their lungs in a way I have found uncommon outside of Orthodoxy and NFTY. They use a sidur called Sidur Eit Ratzon, a creation of the chavurah movment. I liked it well enough and have decided to purchase my own copy. It has problems enough though and I still prefer my own creation, Sidur Eilu D’vareinu. More is to come about Sidur Eit Ratzon on this blog after I buy a copy. I was offered rides by several people and eventually accepted a ride from Henry, a co-founder of CL who was going in the opposite direction of Drew, which was perfect because I needed to go that way to buy a USB cable for my new printer. Dayeinu.

Henry, who is emblematic of the cogent way in which seemingly all members of CL are able to discuss liturgy (a rare community, indeed), dropped me off across the street from Staples, where I intended to by the USB cable. Lo, and behold! There was a Burger King across the street from the Staples. For those of you not in the know, Burger King is the only place in the world where Icees are served and one of the flavors of Icee is always Coke. Truly, the Coke Icee is the Messiah of Shabat Cokes. So, on my way to Staples I picked up a Coke Icee. Dayeinu.

The salesperson I encountered at Staples knew exactly which cable I needed and directed me to it quickly. There was 100% recycled paper available, which I picked up a package of. Dayeinu.

The whole morning was topped off by lunch at a diner. Hot corned beef on rye with a slice of swiss chesse. It was more than enough.

So Shabat Shalom and I hope everyone has a Shabat as fantastic as mine!

2 Responses to Day-Dayeinu! Day-Dayeinu! Day-Dayeinu! Dayeinu Dayeinu! Dayeinu! (v’gomer…)

  1. Anastasia October 10, 2007 at 7:32 pm #

    First, what does Dayeinu mean?
    Second, what is your obsession with coke? You would think that after the exploding frozen coke incident that you would be off the stuff which is kind of gross anyway?
    And third, your blog makes me happy. It happens to be one of the three things that I actually do online (the other two being check email and watch episodes of Doctor Who). I hope that this week is going better.


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