Some Dumbass With A Pencil And Two Ounces Of Brave In Him

Shvat 4, 5767

In the time between when I went to Israel and when I came back, one of the boys’ bathrooms in particular has become far more, shall we say, decorated. In my second period study hall today I was discussing this fact with Mrs. C, the study hall teacher, G, a tenth grade student, and a few others. L, a squirmy, awkward, easily disliked freshman noodled about ovnoxiously in the back ground. The topic of discussion being my crusade of copy-editing the defacements in the bathroom.

G went to the bathroom to survey the current state of affairs. As he was coming back, L announced to what seemed to be no one in particular that there was something new on the wall for “You.” Shortly, I would find that “You” was in tended to be me. G says, “Oh yeah! There’s one of those Nazi symbols on the wall!”

I stood up immediately and went to the bathroom without asking permission of Mrs. C. When I got to the bathroom, I could not find the Swastika! I surveyed all the stall doors and walls and finally found a tiny Swastika in pencil next a urinal. It was no more than four or five inches across. I took a paper towel with some water and handsoap and caused the Swastika to disappear.

To L’s dissapointment, I returned to study hall after no more than five or six minutes and announced, “Boy, if that thing hadn’t been removable with handsoap, we mighta had a real incident here!”

A year ago I would have flipped at this. Now, I am just not interested in making myself a victim in a situation in which no real anti-Jewishness was at work. This was just some dumbass with a pencil and not enough brave in him to do anything interesting.

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